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Continuing Education

A variety of Continue Education Resources are available to professional members of Whirled Foundation when logged in.


Does being a Vestibular Patient have to be such a “Roller Coaster” ride?  by Dr. David Szmulewicz, Neurologist & Neuro-otologist, Head of Balance Disorders & Ataxia Service, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital, Balance Disorders Clinic, Melbourne.

for a set of Dr Szmulewicz’s presentation slides.


Whirled Foundation is keen to encourage and develop collegial networks of health professonals interested in treating individuals with dizziness/vertigo and imbalance problems. We are specifically interested in helping develop improved clinical pathways and to raise community awareness of the impact of Vestibular disorders and to encourage changes in health policy and increases in health budget allocations.


Health Professional Members have access to our Resource Library, including multimedia resources. Members are welcome to borrow material for use in Continuing Education activities they may be involved in.

Patient Information

We welcome Health Professionals using our Resources and Support Programs to assist their own patients with Vestibular Disorders. We are able to offer multiple copies for your use. Please order through Shopping Cart.

We also offer the option of co-badging your practice details on our Resource Material. Please contact the Resource Centre for details.

Register Your Practice

We are developing a database of Health Professionals with an expressed interest in treating patients with Vertigo and chronic balance problems. This register will be made available to Members of Whirled Foundation seeking the advice of health professionals. Registration on the Health Professionals Data Base is free to Professional Members of Whirled Foundation.

Meetings & Professional Development

Please advise Whirled Foundation of forthcoming meetings, seminars and professional development events that could be of interest to other Health Professionals in your field. We would like to share this information with our professional members.

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