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Support Networks

Step 5 – Establish a Support Network

It is important to gather a support network around you.

The symptoms of your vestibular disorder can impact on all facets of your life – employment, family relationships and social activities.

Enlist the support of family and friends. Family and friends can play a more constructive support role if they are well informed about the condition, how it affects you, and the lifestyle adjustments you need to make in order to manage the symptoms.

Family, carers and friends can benefit from being well informed about the condition that is affecting you. Share information with them about your vestibular disorder. They are welcome to join Whirled Foundation and attend meetings.

Carers need support also. Visit the Carers Australia website for more information and resources.

Contacting others with the condition can help overcome feelings of isolation and arm you with practical advice and insights as to how others cope with the condition. Whirled Foundation provides a good starting point for making contacts. We offer a range of support for individuals, their families, carers and friends, counselling and information services.

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For Australian members we can facilitate local peer support groups. For up to date details on local groups and contact people click on the relevant State or Territory on our Home Page map.

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