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Personal Diary

Step 2 – Keep a diary

Vestibular disorders are notoriously difficult for health professionals to diagnose. There are many underlying causes of vertigo.

Symptoms such as dizzy attacks can come and go. They may not be present when you are seeing the doctor. It is also important to identify your trigger factors.

E.g. Describe your dizziness, how often it happens, under what conditions etc. Are there associated symptoms such as hearing loss? Describe the hearing loss (one ear or both), distorted or muffled sound, trouble hearing low or high frequency, sensitivity to certain sounds etc.

Have you fallen? Where, when, how?

List your medications, dosage and what you take them for.

If you choose to become a member you will receive your own personal diary, “My Whirl Journey – Living More Confidently With Vertigo”. This will enable you to enter and record your experiences and progress in living with vertigo.

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