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Lifestyle changes

Step 4 – Adjust Your Lifestyle to Minimise Symptoms




Prevention Steps.

These are specially important, as apart from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Vestibular Neuritis and Vestibular Labyrinthitis there is a limited range of medical and surgical treatments available to treat vertigo and chronic imbalance and no cures.

For the majority of Vestibular disorders and chronic imbalance the focus is on alieviating symptoms and modifying lifestyles to minimise secondary effects.

There is some evidence that understanding and responding to your trigger points for vertigo attacks may help in preventing future attacks. It is important to prevent further damage to your vestibular functioning. Minimising physical and emotional stress levels appears to work well.

In the case of those with Meniere’s disease, adopting a low salt diet has been reported as effective. Consequently Whirled Foundation offers access to low salt food products and shares low salt recipes etc. Click here to order low salt products.

Moderating your intake of caffeine and alcohol is often suggested and is a good general health strategy.

Social, economic and personal impacts.

These are often extensive and impactful on daily life.

Aside from disruptive vertigo attacks with their associated nausea and unpleasantness, there can be longer term impacts on family and social activities, employment and mental health. Naturally these vary from individual to individual and specific help and assistance should be sought.


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Seek out appropriate treatments

There are a range of treatment options available and promoted to help you manage and minimise your symptoms and secondary effects including loss of hearing, tinnitus etc. These include medication, diet, stress reduction and exercise programs, natural therapies and surgery.

Collect as much information you can on all treatment options and consult with your medical team so you can make an informed decision on which treatment option is best for you. You may need to persevere and try different things before you find what works for you.

An important role of Whirled Foundation is to share information on what Members have found to work for them.

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