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Evidence based information

Step 3 – Get reliable, up to date, balanced information

Managing and coping with a vestibular disorder is easier when you understand more about the condition and the options available for treatment.

Make sure the information you obtain and rely on is appropriate, accurate and up to date. There is a lot of misinformation on the web and social media.

Many personal stories, while instructive, promote untested remedies and may promote a helpless rather than a positive approach.

Information on this site is carefully vetted by a panel of Health Professionals and Members.

We search out and provide to our Members evidence based information, provide a forum for people to share their experiences, promote discussion on lifestyle options and coping mechanisms and encourage prevention strategies. We commission articles from recognised health professionals on treatment and management options. Our Medical and Scientific Panel provides helpful oversight and input to our Member Resources.

Our Equilibrium Library contains information collected over many years on how to live with vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus, imbalance etc. It includes articles, resource material, coping strategies, health tips, low salt recipes and research material etc. – truly a treasure trove of help.

Members can access the Resource Library free of charge.

Non Members are charged a small handling fee to access selected articles.

Whirled Foundation staff are able to provide personal and tailored help to Members and general advice to non members and the general public.

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