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The most important person with vertigo is YOU!

If you are experiencing distressing vertigo symptoms, critical ingredients for successful management of them is the quality and degree of personal support you receive and organise.

This can take many forms. It should be built on a foundation of good medical care, augmented with growing personal understanding of vertigo and its consequences.


Helpful Tips

Having an Action Plan to guide you is a good idea.

Remember, everyone’s vertigo journey is unique. Keep a diary (comes with your WF membership).



In an internet age there are multiple sources of information available. Not all information is accurate or reliable and much is contradictory. It is important to link into reputable sites.

There are many aspects [and lots of suggestions] about living with Vertigo. It is important that the information you access and rely on is relevant, up to date, balanced and evidence based.

Whirled Foundation’s aim is to provide this information plus appropriate resources to it’s members, who have full access to all the information on this site. We also provide opportunities for members to meet, discuss and share experiences, either in person or online.


Building an informed support network

It is good to let your family and friends know about your vestibular disorder and the difficulties you are having with its symptoms. While this may initially be difficult, it is important your support network know and understand what is happening. They are then in a better position to assist you.


Raising Awareness

Most people have not heard of vestibular disorders and have no experience of imbalance, dizziness and vertigo. They may react with alarm and not know what to do when you are experiencing a spinning attack.

You can play an important role in educating and informing your family and friends.

Educating the general public and advocating for improved services and support is one of the objectives of Whirled Foundation. The more support we receive, the more effective we can be in this task.


Click here to read about Living with Vertigo: Social Consequences.

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