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There is increasing evidence that prevention against future vertigo attacks is possible for Vestibular disorders. Certainly prevention of future attacks should be a goal for all living with the symptoms of a Vestibular disorder.

The first port of call should always be your medical practitioner who can advise on vertigo and treatment options.

These fall into 5 main Categories:

  1. Pharmaceutical prescriptions
  2. Repositioning maneuvers
  3. Vestibular Rehabilitation programs
  4. Psychotherapeutic measures
  5. Surgical options

Members report that lifestyle changes including alternative medicines can be beneficial. This appears to be very individualistic in nature and not everyone experiences the claimed results. A period of “trial & error” seems to be the order of the day, as you work out what works best for you in treatment plans.

Members also report that after some time living with the threat of another attack of vertigo that they learn to recognize “trigger points”. These may be specific foods, lack of sleep, stress etc. Changing behavior when they occur is a very effective prevention strategy.

E.g. Click here for tips on managing everyday stress.

Undertaking a program of Vestibular Rehabilitation with a qualified Physiotherapist can improve balance ability in everyday life.

Our pages on Living With Vertigo contain other helpful information.


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