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Employment Impacts



The major economic cost for the individual is the impact on their employment.

Unfortunately too many Members report that they have had to give up full time employment or change their duties as a result of Vestibular disorders. Our internal research of Members suggest over half of those of working age suffered employment consequences.

A large education campaign to change this remains to be done. Unfortunately we currently do not have the financial resources to start this.

Often with some sensible workplace modifications and an informed understanding by the employer, the employee with a Vestibular disorder can remain a fully functioning employee in the workforce.


Economic Costs

The economic burden of Imbalance, Dizziness and Vertigo on individuals and the economy has not been extensively researched. Some studies suggest the economic cost could be very high. The significance of their being many more females with Menieres disease than males does not appear to have attracted attention.

Certainly for individuals, there are additional direct costs of medicines, doctor appointments, reduced social mobility etc. For the economy there are costs of lost productivity, sick leave and health cost burden, especially as it is estimated up to 5% of Emergency Department admissions are Dizziness and Vertigo related.


Employer help

Expertise and advice is available from Whirled Foundation to assist employers assist their employees who have a balance problem. Contact Whirled Foundation on 1300 368 818 or .


Workplace Modifications

Members report that they can continue working after simple workplace modifications such as changing working location [less noisy, less dangerous], working hours & receiving understanding from bosses and co-workers.

A case study of two approaches to assisting an employee with balance problems and associated side effects is available here.


Click here to read about Living with Vertigo: Lifestyle Modifications.


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