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Alternative Medicine

As well as lifestyle modifications, many members report success with a variety of alternative therapies and complementary medicine, e.g. Chiropractic treatment and using vitamin supplements. While proven evidence based patient trials are scant, such remedies have their advocates.

Whirled Foundation advises caution and the need to always seek appropriate medical advice. An open mind with a healthy dose of scepticism seems advisable.


There are frequent claims that complementary medicine and alternate therapies can assist in treating balance disorders and reduce their impact on a person’s life.

Generally, claims made for beneficial outcomes have not met the “gold standard” of double blind evidence based patient trials. Accordingly their use should be undertaken with caution.

On the other hand, many members and individuals report beneficial outcomes and are enthusiastic advocates for trying alternate therapies and complementary medicine such as supplements, chiropractic treatment etc.

Our advice is to act cautiously with a conservative strategy as follows.

  1. Seek reputable advice.
  2. Be cautious of claimed benefits and examine evidence carefully.
  3. Ask what risks and side effects are possible.
  4. Discuss your thoughts and intentions with your medical practitioner.
  5. Carefully monitor any trial use* and side effects.
  6. Seek a medical review of your health status after a trial use.

* Whirled Foundation Symptoms Diary may assist with this.

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