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Why Whirled?

We exist to assist people who suffer dizziness, vertigo and loss of balance attacks.

Vertigo comes from old English whirling and Latin verter ‘to whirl’.

What do dizziness/vertigo attacks feel like?

Although attacks of vertigo and dizziness are quite common, there is little community understanding or awareness of what people are experiencing. When individuals have a dizzy/vertigo episode, their whole world feels like it is spinning – it’s like being on the Gravitron.

Our mission is to help people stand assured and supported while their world is being whirled around.

“If you see me crying or hyperventilating or holding my head in my hands moaning, or even throwing up into a bucket, do not panic. I am having a Meniere’s episode. when I’m like this, I might feel like I’m going to die, but importantly, I’m actually not going to.

My world is literally in a whirl. A violent, sickening whirl. If you’ve ever been seasick you have some idea of how it feels.”

Traditionally specific disease labels such as Meniere’s disease or vestibular disorders have been used for support  and advocacy groups. However, we believe Whirled is a more descriptive and generic term, that asks for attention and makes people wonder . We believe it will help raise community understanding of what people are really experiencing. Only then will more support be forthcoming.



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